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Fool! If it hurts… scream. Hold me and cry. Don’t try to hide it. It hurts me so much, I feel as if I’d die before you!… Fool. I told you not to overdose on it.

—- I was afraid. Afraid that I might die before reading all these.

- Jae-Kyung & Eun-Whan
# heartisbreaking# millionairesfirstlove

You’re so caught up.
& I’m forgotten. 

# badcamquality
This is a good night.

Bestfriends; NoStringsAttached.

# oldschool imissdance :(
My head hurts; My heart is tired.

Through these long years, we’ve grown so used to each others presence. But I’ve never give in to it. I still managed to grow to love you more… and more. I noticed your lack of effort, but I continued to stand here right beside you. Anxious that things may get better and you would start to care…. Time flew by too fast & I assumed too soon - We’re still the same.
I’ve grown upon myself and I’m my own support… yet who do I lean on when I start to lose balance? Automatically, I would turn to you, but then I see that… your base is the support I had built for you….? Not even small favors….
You have no will and motive. That means our love has no purpose - to you.

I’m giving up & I’ve given up.
There’s nothing left to do.

# unseen

What us loyal people lack most from others is LOYALTY ; Simple as that.


On my own slate; Time to wild it out ALONE!

OhGawd, that is so UGLY!
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